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Sunday Mornings

   9:00 AM Worship Service

w/Holy Communion*

   9:00 AM Facebook Live 

  10:00 AM Coffee Fellowship


  10:15 AM Christian Education Time

Resumes Fall 2023


The Facebook Live videos is later uploaded to YouTube. 

Link to our YouTube channel Click Here

*To Members, Guest and Visitors:

In the Lord's Super we receive Christ's true body and true blood in with and under the bread and wine.

The two great blessings to the Lord's Supper are forgiveness of sins and strength to live

an improved Christian life.

In response to the Lord's command, we are to examine ourselves privately -

prior to partaking of the sacrament. There are three basic question with which

we must examine ourselves, all of which we must be able to answer in the affirmative 

if we are to partake of the sacrament.

     1. Am I truly sorry for and do I repent of my sins?

     2. Do I believe that Jesus Christ is my only Lord and Savior from all sin, Satan and death?

     3. Do I believe that the risen Christ is really present  in the sacrament and with the bread and wine

          I receive His true body and blood?

We would ask those who are communing at our altar for the first time to be able to answer yes to the above three questions and if you need any clarification,  that you would please consult the Pastor

or Elder on duty before participating.

Parents are encouraged to bring their children to receive a blessing.

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