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Board of Elders

The Board of Elders are responsible for the spiritual welfare of the congregation.

The Elders over see the duties of the Pastor and Church Secretary.

The Current Elders are:

Ken Ling - Chairman

Brian Krueger

Matthew Schram

The Board of Elders is given the authority by the congregation to work closely with the pastor regarding the following responsibilities:

  • See that worship service are conducted in a good and decent manner.

  • Ensure that the Word of God is preached and taught according to the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions.

  • Apply church discipline, following the steps given by Jesus in Matthew 18:15-18.

  • Assist the pastor in visitation of church members.

  • Encourage members that have discontinued coming to worship and the Lord's Supper to return to God's means of grace for their soul's well-being.

  • Plan and encourage the prayer ministry of the church.

  • Advise the pastor in dealing with special situations that may arise in the lives of individual members or in the congregation.​

If you have any questions or concerns about the spiritual welfare of the congregation

or the duties of the Pastor or Church Secretary, please contact one of the Elders.

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